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cloudg.f File Reference

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subroutine cloudg (ncol, nlm, mb, ib, pp, tt, wcont, re, pdist, cnrw, cniw, cnri, cnii, xlam, tcld, wcld, asycld, flag)

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine cloudg ( integer (kind=int_kind), intent(in)  ncol,
integer (kind=int_kind), intent(in)  nlm,
integer (kind=int_kind), intent(in)  mb,
integer (kind=int_kind), intent(in)  ib,
real (kind=dbl_kind), dimension(ncol,nlm+1), intent(in)  pp,
real (kind=dbl_kind), dimension(ncol,nlm), intent(in)  tt,
real (kind=dbl_kind), dimension(ncol,nlm), intent(in)  wcont,
real (kind=dbl_kind), dimension(ncol,nlm), intent(in)  re,
real (kind=dbl_kind), intent(in)  pdist,
real (kind=dbl_kind), dimension(mb), intent(in)  cnrw,
real (kind=dbl_kind), dimension(mb), intent(in)  cniw,
real (kind=dbl_kind), dimension(mb), intent(in)  cnri,
real (kind=dbl_kind), dimension(mb), intent(in)  cnii,
real (kind=dbl_kind), dimension(mb), intent(in)  xlam,
real (kind=dbl_kind), dimension(ncol,nlm), intent(out)  tcld,
real (kind=dbl_kind), dimension(ncol,nlm), intent(out)  wcld,
real (kind=dbl_kind), dimension(ncol,nlm), intent(out)  asycld,
logical (kind=log_kind), intent(in)  flag 

Definition at line 8 of file cloudg.f.