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Semester at Sea

From January through April 2020, Jennifer and I will be traveling around the world on the MV World Odyssey while I teach two courses on Semester at Sea.  We are excited and also a bit apprehensive!

We will have extremely limited internet connectivity on the ship, so may not be able to post often on here. Nevertheless, I’ll give it a go!


Depart Colorado Dec 31, 2019
Embark in San Diego Jan 1
Ensenada, Mexico Jan 2 – 3
Depart for Hawaii Jan 4
Hawaii Jan 12 (only)
Japan Jan 24 – 28
China Jan 31 – Feb 5
Vietnam Feb 10 – 16
Malaysia Feb 19 – 24
India Feb 29 – Mar 5
Mauritius Mar 11 (only)
South Africa Mar 18 – 23
Ghana Mar 31 – Apr 3
Morocco Apr 11 – 14
Disembark in Amsterdam Apr 20
Return to Colorado Apr 27